With Whom Will You Connect With?

Laboratory tools and equipment:

Metrology tools and devices, Analysis tools and devices, Control tools and devices, Microscopes and optical image processing, Equipment for Sampling, Thermal units and equipment, Automation and laboratory data systems, Laboratory accessories and consumables, Furniture for laboratories, Health care and cleaning equipment.


Raw materials for laboratories:

Basic chemical products, Special gas for laboratories Chemical reagents, Additives and coloring agents.


Services suppliers labs:

Medical analyses labs, Biotechnology analyses labs, Environmental analyses labs, Physio-chemical analysis labs, Solids analysis labs, Metrology and calibration labs.


Management of inter lab tests and ability tests:

Organization for inter-comparison tests, External quality control lab EQC, Internal quality control lab IQC Accreditation organizations.


Services, maintenance and training:

Laboratories fitters, Miscellaneous maintenances, Training, schools and universities

Support Services, Related Trade Publications & Web portals.