The “6th Bangladesh Clinical Lab Expo 2022” will focus on Target visitors consisting of Professionals from Pharmaceutical industries, Food industries, Agriculture, Public works and construction, Chemical industry, Plastic and rubber industries, Health and cosmetic products, Mechanical and electric industries, Oil and petrochemical industries, Mining and metallic industries, Environment, Textile and Leather. Also, from Services suppliers laboratories such as Medical Analyses labs, Biotechnological analyses labs, Environmental analyses labs, Physio-chemical analyses labs, Metal analyses labs, Metrology labs, Accreditation and quality control, Inter-comparison organizations, Universities, and public labs, Research and development. Visitors will include CEO’s, Senior Officials, Decision makers and Professionals from the entire target Industry of Bangladesh. The Expo will also focus on Consultants, Distributors / Importers / Suppliers / Traders; Agencies, Government Officials, Associations.

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